Coach Education


The primary puropse of Padel Europe is to develop and promote Padel in Europe. We believe that one of the five pilars in order to achieve our goal is to give padel-teaching professionals and clubs, easy access to the best educational and certification opportunities, wherever they are.

Our approach is very pragmatical and driven by the needs of coaches and clubs primarily. We want to be your educational partner all the way through from the basic elements of padel coaching, to the most advanced courses and certifications.

Padel Europe not only delivers its own teaching-pro courses and certifications but also endorses the best indivuduals, companies and institutions offering educational programs in Europe and in the World. We assess their work and implement the necessary changes to meet our high standard criteria when needed. Once endorsed, they become part of our network and can deliver our certifications. 

We also believe in proximity and simplicity. This is why our course can be set up at your venues. Padel Europe will travel and high class service you or your teaching pros wherever your club is in Europe and in the world.


As stated above we aim to provide clubs with the best response to their needs in terms of education. We have set up 4 courses that cover all kind of educational needs.

Who is it forTeaching pro starting to train full time or part time recreational playersTeaching pros training competition players
Profile of traineesRecreational player looking for fun and pleasureIntermediate competition players looking for fun and efficiency
Minimum Age16 years16 years
Length of the course3 days3 days
Pedagogical knowledge and methods* Group management (space management and communication)
* Equipment and court knowledge
* Use of basic pedagogical materials (cones, balls, etc…)
* Rules
* Basic Drills (Mechanisation)
* Psychological approach and analysis of the group players
* Demos
Advanced drills and Controls (Mechanisation & Sensation)
TechniqueGrip, Hit zone, stands, split
Basic Shots: Serve, Forehand, Backhand, Voleys, Smash
Grip, Hit zone, stands, split
Advanced Shots: Backhand serve, spin shots, offensive and defensive lobs, the different kinds of smashes and “bandejas”
Tactical* Use of the walls: back, lateral, double wall and bounce on the fence
* Attack and defense zones, Positioning on the court
* Double wall with spin and against the wall shots
* Attack and defense zones, Positioning, Use of spin
PhysicalDon’t get hurt, warm upEndurance and power
MentalPleasure and relaxationConcentration, basic NLP. How to play pressure shots


This course is very similar to level 1 but with a special focus on the specifics of padel vs. tennis. It has been designed especially for tennis teaching professionals who don’t know about padel or very little and need to get the basics in order to be able to coach recreational players.
It is especially very handy for clubs who want to open a padel activity as it could be difficult to find padel coaches in certain areas…


Advanced padel course. Based on 3 session of 5 days each (1 in Spain at least). Please get in touch for complete information package