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Special Events
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Padel Trips to Spain

Enjoy a customized training paddle with a team of specialist coaches and listen to your needs. Our academy Barcelona welcomes all types of players to complete training and adapted to the desires of each:

  • Leisure Courses
  • Intensive competition sessions
  • Team Preparation (Competition and Leisure)
  • Team Competition with local Club
  • Tour of tournaments
  • Training for the youngest
  • Padel and Languages
  • Family journey
  • Wide range of associated activities
  • Teaching pros training
  • Specific physical training

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"We promote and develop padel in Europe"




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Exhibitions and clinics

Nothing better in order to start a new sport in a club than to be able to stage some of the best players in the professional circuit...

Padel Europe offers several options to make your club host the best padel. 
The advantages are many:
• Club Animation.
• Captured new members
• Differentiation vs. clubs nearby  
• Show Guaranteed!
• Possible combination with a clinic 
• ProAm for the lucky members, personalities or club sponsors.

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Another interesting possibility of animation is for sure the organization of some tournaments or league. 
Padel Europe can manage for you the complete organization of the event and customize it at will: 
• Enrollled domestic players and / or external. Communication
• Invitations to foreign players of good level.
• Registration Management
• Game programming and categories 
• Referee and permanence 
• Prize


Padel Europe is a Okmno Company

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