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Padel Court Construction

Padel Europe distributes in exclusivity a leading padel court builder in Europe. With more than 1M padel players, Spain is the biggest European country as for padel. Some of the most exclusive clubs like the Presitgious Polo Club of Barcelona have chosen our services like hundreds of others over the last 10 years.

We build a variety of different types of padel courts and athletic surfaces to fit the individual needs of our customers. For help deciding which court will best fit your needs, get in touch with us. We can help you decide which of the following courts is best suited for you:

  • Padel Europe Pro  (Exclusivity Padel Europe. Amazing design, visibility and durability)
  • Padel Europe Titan  (The most resistant for areas exposed to wind and sea corrosion)
  • Padel Europe Pro Indoor (Amazing aesthetic and visibility, specialy designed for indoors)

Our courts have been designed for the practise of this sport even at the highest level. It respects reglementory standards from the F.I.P. (International Padel Federation).
Main features of all our courts include:
- High quality of all the material used for the construction
- High durability and robustness (oxydation, wind, etc...)
- Improved aesthetics
- Respect of the environment

Because of their public use, all our courts respect the basical structural security regulations. We also get extra approval and endorsement of a college of engineers. Security, excellence and value for money are our core values.

Padel Europe Pro

Padel Europe Titan




"We promote and develop padel in Europe"




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LED Lighting

We propose LED cost saving and environmentaly friendly lighting solutions for your racquetsport field.
The conventional projectors have a lifespan between 1500 and 2000 hours while ours last on average 50,000 hours. 
LED Lighting has a low energy consumption saving up to 40% vs. conventional.

Main features:
• Low power consumption: 134 W.
• High brightness: 13,440 bulbs.
• Long life 50,000 hours
• Rugged resistance to shock and vibration.
• Low emission of heat resistance / No UV. Rapid dissipation of heat.
• Easy installation on any type of projector.
• Economic: Reduces labor costs of maintenance plus lower power consumption.
• High Efficiency Power Factor > 90%; THD <9.

Web based court booking, access and control

We offer exclusive software solutions in order to facilitate the court booking process and the court ocupation management and control. A virtual call center could also be linked to the software allowing players to book via simple phone call.
The solutions offered by the sofware include:
- Web based court booking and booking management.
- Online payment (for clubs without membership fee)
- Club virtual comunity
- Alert messenging for missing player(s)
- Monitoring and control of court access


Padel Europe is a Okmno Company

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