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About Us



"We promote and develop padel in Europe, offering a complete range of services to clubs and winning opportunities to investors"




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The practise of racquet sports brought so much happiness, fun and teachings into my life... It taught me about winning and losing. It taught me that love and gratitude are stronger than fear. It taught me that harmony is more important than to be right. It taught me about respecting the others and about respecting myself. It taught me about discipline and effort, but also about celebration ;) It taught me that boldness has magic, genius and power in it. It taught me to follow the flow of my heart rather than the dilemma of rationales. Above all, it brought so many wonderful people into my life.

I hope you will enjoy padel as much as I do...

Pierre-Emmanuel Czaja
Padel Europe founder.

Company Statement of Purpose...

Padel Europe aims to promote and develop padel in Europe. We offer all the services you need in order to dream, build and manage your padel project. Services include: space design, padel court construction, teaching pro training, special events, padel goods supply, padel management softwares. All our services are fully customized to each project.
In order to achieve our goals, we work with the most experienced and recognized partners on an exclusive basis. They all share our brand values striving for quality, aestetics and innovation..

We are committed to the respect of the environment striving to buy and use eco-friendly products and designing space accordingly.

Padel Europe is a Okmno Ltd. brand
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