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Padel Europe is proud to present its new LED lighting solution for your padel and tennis courts.

Our LED Device have an average life durability of 50,000h vs. 2,000h for conventional devices.
40% Energy saving...

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Build your Padel courts with total security and garantee from an experienced and recognised team Your members are looking for padel racquets and balls?... And your teaching pros for sponsoring? Set up the next padel trip for your club members in some of the most beautiful resort in Spain and play with the locals...! Need to quickly turn your tennis teaching pros into well educated Padel instructors... ? You want to open a padel club...? We offer you in just one company all the services you need to build, manage, animate and finance your dream. Fancy organising an exhibition in your premises with International / Pro Padel Players ? You want to set up a padel club but you don't have the finance for this. Tell us about your project. We may have some solutions for you! You want to open a Padel Pro Shop in your club and get the best product assortment at the right price...? Want to be an advanced and accredited Padel Teaching Pro trained in Spain by some the best gurus of that sport??
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